Weekly#10: Devotee of Saint Zuckerberg

I know Zuckerberg is Jewish, and this blog title doesn’t make any sense (sorry, dude!), but this is how I feel; this guy (not Orkut, although I’m a Google lover too) should be idolized, and I’ll be thankful to him for the rest of my life. Thank you, Zuckerberg, for being such a nerd and for having provided the world with the Facebook experience!

Google has, undoubtedly, changed my life too, and I’m also thankful for its existence. Before Google, I had to search for info on books, magazines, printed encyclopedias, or Encarta digital encyclopedia, using my very-cool-at-the-time Compaq Presario, and any search could take hours. So, Google was, of course, a blessing for everyone! Today, three of the 12 most accessed websites on my computer are Google websites – the Search, the Translator, and the Sites. But Wikipedia and Facebook are also among these 12, and Facebook certainly beats all of them.

No other website has ever had the impact Facebook has in my life, and this is so especially because I’m living abroad – and alone. I’ve never thought I would be so dependent on a social networking website in order to keep in touch with family and friends, who are spread across Brazil and the world. Facebook becomes even more important because my VoIP phone doesn’t work (by the way, I hate Broadvoice), and my mobile doesn’t make international calls (this is what living on a student budget is).

Through Facebook I can keep in touch with my father, who is 82 and lives in Atibaia, in the state of São Paulo; with my sisters, brother, nephews, cousins, and friends from the city of São Paulo; with friends who live in Brasília, the Brazilian capital; with relatives from Rio de Janeiro, my beloved city; and with friends living abroad, in countries such as Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Cape Verde. Through Facebook, I can see my friends’ sons and daughters growing, my friends’ and relatives’ birthday celebrations and weddings that I missed, and even my goddaughter’s first teeth. Through Facebook I can tap my friends’ and relatives’ shoulders once in a while as if we’ve never been apart, and this is why I love Facebook. May it live forever. Amen.


About dcexperience

Brazilian Public Relations and Corporate Communications specialist who loves writing, traveling, being among friends, and waisting time with my family. This blog was created in 2010, for a Social Media course from Georgetown University's MPS in PR and CC. I've lived two years and a half in Washington, DC, but since January 2012, I've been back in Rio de Janeiro, working in Communications.
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