Weekly#11: Djibouti, nice to meet you

There’s a long time since I don’t hear about Djibouti; the last time was probably at school, and this is why I chose this tiny African country to explore. A former French colony, Djibouti is a Muslim country located in the Northeast of Africa, between Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Red Sea. According to Wikipedia, Djibouti is one of the least populous countries in Africa and its population consists of Somalis and Afars. People in Djibouti speak French, Arab, Somali, and Afar. Armed with this basic information, I started to dig into Global Voices.

African blogs are mostly cultural and political. Topics discussed are: African diaspora literature, migration to Europe, homosexuality, dissolution of borders between African countries, and abolition of slavery. None of these, though, referred specifically to Djibouti. Seeking information on Djibouti’s blogosphere, I was surprised by the lack of information. Only two out of twelve posts related to Djibouti on Global Voices actually mention Djibouti. The most recent, published in February 2008, states that the only U.S. military base in Africa is located in Djibouti. In the other one, published in January 2006, the Nigerian blogger Chippla Vandu says: “… With a population of less than half a million, this French and Arabic speaking nation appears to be hardly ever mentioned in the blogosphere. However, Djibouti recently decided to take France to the International Court of Justice… All of a sudden, this bonsai African nation made the waves in the blogosphere. Djibouti had finally arrived!”

Djibouti arrived to the blogosphere in 2006, but it hasn’t established territory, at least not in English. What I’ve found were the following blogs: Djibouti Jones, about an American family from Minneapolis living in Djibouti and documenting their experience; My Intrepid Travels: Djibouti 2010, by a Canadian lawyer working for the United Nations in Djibouti; and Tommy in Seminole Heights, by an Iraq veteran from Florida who works as an international security consultant and might have spent some time in Djibouti. Last May, Tommy wrote about food instability, hunger among refugees, and a tourist’s view of Djibouti.

I was looking for a Djiboutian blogger, and on Global Voices Chippla Vandu mentioned the existence of Djiboutian bloggers blogging in French. I got excited to practice my French, but didn’t find any on Google search. Eventually, I haven’t met Djibouti at all.


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Brazilian Public Relations and Corporate Communications specialist who loves writing, traveling, being among friends, and waisting time with my family. This blog was created in 2010, for a Social Media course from Georgetown University's MPS in PR and CC. I've lived two years and a half in Washington, DC, but since January 2012, I've been back in Rio de Janeiro, working in Communications.
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